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Welcome to Chennai Biryani Makers, offers Tasty and south Indian Style Biryani in Chennai. We make all types of Biryani for all grand & family occasions in chennai. Our Chennai biryani makers speciality includes making hygienic vegetable & Non Vegetable biryani in Chennai. Our Chef has more than 10 years of Experience in Biryani Cooking in Chennai. We are one the best briyani catering in Chennai ready to make Biryani for Marriage functions, College celebration, Birthday Biryani, Ramzan Biryani & Biryani for Events in Chennai.

Best Biryani Cook-Chef chennai

Are you looking for best chef to prepare biryani for your functions?..Then Chennai Biryani maker is the best choice for you. Our Biryani Chef in chennai and Biryani Masters in Chennai ready to prepare south indian style spicy biryani and deliver at right time. Our Chef prepare all the biryani spice masala of his own. Making it like home prepared biryani. We also caterer biryani for Companies, Schools & Colleges. Biryani Cooking in chennai done by our chef includes

Biryani Catering services in Chennai

We offer specialized Biryani catering service for a variety of events, big or small. We are famous for our outstanding event catering services in Chennai. We are specialized in chicken biryani, mutton biryani,egg biryani over all given to the best catering services in Chennai. We are Our Experienced are Planning the event and carefully dealing with customers needs selective innovative menu items. So we are clearly organized and executing all arrangements are perfectly handling services in Chennai areas. We are one of the best briyani catering services in Chennai. The Chennai Biryani Catering Services are fulfil to the customer satisfaction. We also offered to optimize our door delivery services in Chennai and our aim is to have the food delivered at your door within 30 minutes of placing the order.